You Can — Run Like Your Stole Something very popular with fans at #INGNYCM

by Andrew & Sue on November 13, 2011

Lucky for runners many of the spectators at the New York Marathon hold signs of encouragement. Signs tend to be:

  • Funny encouragement
  • Personal Encouragement; or
  • Motivational encouragement.

Many are a combination and some even meet all three categories in the one sign.

Our posts on signs that made us laugh and profanity signs address the funny signs for the 2011 New York Marathon. This post captures the two most popular and common themes on display. These were:

  1. Yes you can or UCAN; and,
  2. Run like you stole something

Here are a few examples:

UCAN Never Say Never

Only 23 miles to go! You can do it

You can do it!

Yes You Can

Half Way! You Can Do It!

We saw this sign in 2010 and asked the owner about it. This sign is a regular New York Marathon supporter having been on display for many years.


You Can Do It!


You Can Do It

Run Like You Stole Something

Run Like You Stole Something – We love You

This is NYC so Run like you stole something!


Run like U stole something

Run like some one stole your donut.

Now this final one is a slight variation on the theme and could have been included in the funny signs category.

Did you see a sign we missed?

Have you got a picture of a funny sign we missed?

If you have we would love you to post it on out Facebook page.




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