Laguna Phuket International Marathon Preview

by Andrew on May 14, 2013


Run Paradise certainly captures the Laguna Phuket International Marathon

Video Highlights

00:18 – The Laguna Phuket International Marathon is on June 9, 2013

00:45 – The race has distances for everybody, for kids and adults running

01:03 – The full marathon will start at 04:30am on Sunday race day

01:19 – All the races start and finish at the Laguna Resort area

01:51 – The course provides a stunning Southeast Asian running experience

02:55 – This race is full of enjoyment and fun with a the chance of holiday

Andrew: Welcome to this very special edition of the Partnerunner Magazine I’m Andrew O’Brien. (This video is a sample of what will be available in The Partnerunner Magazine Laguna Phuket International Marathon issue)

Sue: And I’m Sue O’Brien.

Andrew: In this short video we’re going to talk about the Laguna Phuket International Marathon which is held on the 2nd weekend in June each year. The theme or the mantra is Run Paradise and it absolutely lives up to it. We have been here for a couple of days exploring the course, exploring the area, the restaurants, the resorts, the whole package that makes up this wonderful event. So Sue, tell us a little bit about the race.

Sue: Well the race encompasses distances for everybody you could run 2k, 5k which a predominantly kids event but nothing to stop an adult running in them as well also a 10.5k, a half marathon and of course the big one, the full marathon which kicks off at 4:30 am on Sunday race morning.

Andrew: Yes I think the 2k is the real focus for the kids or the combination of parents and kids.  The parents are keen on the 5k and up and it’s just a beautiful spot to run. Now the courses all start and finish in the Laguna Resort area, nine hotels at last count with various levels of accommodation. All link together by shuttle busses and a water taxis so it’s easy to get around from one to the other. The marathon first of all has two days of expo, they have a pasta party, have all sorts of fun and wonderful attractions. One of things we really like about this race is they are always improving, adding new little bits and pieces to make it a fun weekend. The course, we haven’t run this race yet but we have driven and run parts of it and the course is think simply stunning. If you want an Asian running or Southeast Asian Running experience then this race in Thailand is on a magnificent course.

Sue: So it’s not just running amongst the resorts on the flat if you go into any of the longer events including the half marathon and marathon you’ll get out in amongst the local villagers, through some amazing little back streets and just get that flavor of country life.

Andrew: Past some temples, past some little villages, past some of farming fields and one of my favorites is and I can’t wait to run the marathon through this area, it goes through a rubber tree plantation.

Sue: Yes the rubber plant, rubber tree plantation.

Andrew: This is a stunning atmosphere there so this little video and this edition is basically are just giving you a tour of the Laguna Phuket International Marathon and hopefully wet your appetite for coming along and participating. So Sue, the final word on why people should do this race.

Sue: If you’re looking for a run in paradise that is full of fun and enjoyment and just taking a little bit of a holiday as well this is the place for you to come for your run.

Andrew: I’m going to add one more thing and that is just behind us is one of the resorts but also the chapel so for a little bit of romance why not come, get married and run the marathon as well.

Sue: Or renew your vows.

Andrew: Something for everyone okay so thank you very much, I’m Andrew O’Brien.

Sue: I’m Sue O’Brien.

Andrew: And this has been our brief preview of the Laguna Phuket International Marathon.

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