A Shout Out to Running Hutch

by Andrew on June 16, 2013

Video highlights

  • 00:27 – Couple on the Run’s shout out for Running Hutch (Tiffany Henness)
  • 00:43 – Tiffany blogged as “Heavy medal” and is now “Matters of Course”
  • 01:09 – Running Hutch talks running,  relationships and fitness
  • 02:12 – Running Hutch is a leader in connecting with people around the world
  • 02:28 – Ask Tiffany to check out your product, book or event
  • 02:40 – If Tiffany sees something positive, she will spread the word genuinely
  • 02:57 – Tiffany puts into words the things that everyday people experience
  • 03:37 – Running Hutch is a great communicator, genuine, warm and authentic

Here is the transcript of the video.

Andrew: Hi there, Andrew and Sue O’Brien here, also known as “Couple on the Run” after our book where we did 8 marathons in 8 countries in 8 weeks. We are also the founders of partnerunning.com, the Partnerunning Academy, the Partnerunning Community and the Partnerunner Magazine for the iPad. This is a shout out to our favorite blogger and our favorite online social media personality Running Hutch, so Sue, tell us a little bit about Tiffany.

Sue: Tiffany is one of those super enthusiastic energetic inspiring individuals when you read her blog “Matters Of Course” where she used to write as “Heavy Medal”. She just inspires you to get out there and go for a run or testing new product and that’s one of the things that she does really well posting  those YouTube videos also give new product her views just to inspire you to get out and try something new.

Andrew: I think it is her ability to be incredibly genuine and to communicate the whole idea of running, of relationships, fitness in the words which we all struggle to come up with. I think it is the mark of a great song writer that when you listen to the lyrics of their work it’s like, “That’s what I was thinking why didn’t I’ve say that”. Well when it comes to running and fitness Running Hutch or Tiffany as she sometimes gets called captures it and she nails it time and time again just like a great songwriter. Tiffany  adds that bit of entertainment, that bit of excitement but from a serious perspective that we can all relate to. Tiffany we loved having you as a guest on the Partnerunning Show a couple of times, we love the review you gave with our book and didn’t even ask for it. How cool was that? We just love following your tweets. Another thing I want to talk about is last year when Bia Sport did their Kick Starter program to get funding, Running Hutch was one of the absolute leaders, very instrumental in connecting with people all around the world to get them making that project a success.

Sue: Indeed!

Andrew: I remember being both inspired and so proud to have as a friend Tiffany the way she went about  connecting people and making that campaign a success. If you got a product, a book, an event or a cause you could do a lot worse than get Tiffany to have a look of what you are doing.  I think she’s not going to say anything about you if she doesn’t like it, she will just go “Yeah okay that’s cool what you are doing” but if she can say something positive,  and Tiffany is a person who can usually find the positive, she will spread the word and she will spread it in a very genuine way and just have those conversations.

Sue anything else?

Sue: Just that Tiffany puts into words a lot of the things everyday people experience and think. Maybe asks the questions and probes areas that everyday runners not just elite super athletes are wanting to find out about, are wanting to asks these questions, are wanting to test these products but are not sure whether they are just for elite or whether they are suitable for everyday people and that’s what I really love about Tiffany’s work.

Andrew: Great, do you remember that tune she did with the little tune on the guitar and sang about an event as an entry to a competition. Talented, like you say, Sue a great communicator and it’s the enthusiasm, the genuineness, the warmth and the authenticity I think which is wonderful. Of  course Tiffany and her husband run together sometimes.

Sue: Yes, a couple of Partnerunners.

Andrew: Tiffany also does work for training for charity like Team in Training so you name it, she’s just incredible, well connected and has a passion for life. Tiffany is one of the people we’ve learned a lot from and love following on social media so go for it Tiffany!

Sue: Keep up the good work!

Andrew: Here is to Running Hutch!

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