Business Results

Face Reality

May 28, 2011

Face Reality: Be candid about today – recognise the good, bad and ugly. One of the great things about running is that you either do it or you don’t, there is nowhere to hide – you can’t say you’ve done your homework or almost completed a project or task when you haven’t. Assessment is immediate […]

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Plan for Success

May 7, 2011

Plan to implement: Projects and business planning facilitate connection with a shared vision as well as assisting strategy implementation. Great leadership, effective communication and the ability to learn provide a solid platform for developing shared vision in an organisation however these skills alone are not enough. A range of tools and techniques are available to […]

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Business results and Corporate Fitness

October 17, 2010

If there is one issue that we find annoying on a regular basis it is the lack of attention paid to the real benefits of corporate health and fitness programs. We accept that fitter and healthier employees are good for business yet too often corporate fitness programs are promoted on the basis of health and […]

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