Desired Futures

Keep Moving

July 10, 2011

Keep Moving: Regardless of speed always progress towards your target. It might be a statement of the obvious, but it’s something which is drilled into all Comrades Marathon runners as they head out at the break of day to run the 89kms between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. The instruction is simple; keep moving until you reach […]

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Link Vision to Action

July 3, 2011

Link Vision To Action: Align and cascade vision, strategy, goals and action. One of our favourite quotes is “where there is no vision the people perish.” An example we often see is when people embark on a fitness program but soon fall by the wayside as they fail to connect their day to day action […]

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Face Reality

May 28, 2011

Face Reality: Be candid about today – recognise the good, bad and ugly. One of the great things about running is that you either do it or you don’t, there is nowhere to hide – you can’t say you’ve done your homework or almost completed a project or task when you haven’t. Assessment is immediate […]

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Focus on Your Desired Future

May 21, 2011

Focus on Your Desired Future: Develop a shared vision worthy of your full commitment. There are many reasons why focusing on your desired future is essential for success. When we are clear about the future we want to create we focus on what is important, see opportunities, make meaningful choices and avoid wasting our effort […]

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Going Further Together

May 14, 2011

Going further together is at the heart of one of the pillars of our blog: The Power of Partnership. Over the next few weeks we will  introduce seven key principles of going further together. We will also discuss a couple of related concepts which assist successful collaboration. In a previous post we suggested running is […]

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Plan for Success

May 7, 2011

Plan to implement: Projects and business planning facilitate connection with a shared vision as well as assisting strategy implementation. Great leadership, effective communication and the ability to learn provide a solid platform for developing shared vision in an organisation however these skills alone are not enough. A range of tools and techniques are available to […]

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