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Talking Sex in Runners World

June 24, 2011

Thanks again to Runners World for consulting Couple on the Run. The article, Do Not Disturb from the July edition looks at sex before running. What is your view? Yes, no, maybe or “I wish”? For the record we are firmly in the yes camp.    

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One is keen – One is not – Part Three – The reluctant runner – 9 tips for getting started.

February 7, 2011

We have been exploring the issue of what happens when one partner is keen to run together and the other is reluctant. “My partner is not interested in running” is a comment which we hear on a regular basis. The next sentence is often along the lines of “I would love it if we ran […]

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One is keen – One is not – Part Two – The reluctant runner

February 3, 2011

Yesterday we looked at some of the reasons one partner is reluctant to run when the other partner is keen to run. In today’s continuation of looking at the challenge of “I wish my partner would run with me…” we look at the enthusiastic runner’s perspective. People who enjoy the benefits of running and exercise […]

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Massage for recovery

November 22, 2010

NY1 suggests massage is a great way to improve recovery from strenuous exercise. Our experience certainly supports the value of massage for both recovery and avoiding injury. Massage can also be a beneficial aspect of a Partnerunning relationship and can work well in relationships where both partners run or where one is a runner and […]

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Challenge 6: The challenge of training

July 20, 2010

Partnerunning is all about taking action together yet it is no coincidence that the actual running (or walking or whatever the activity) is the sixth challenge. In many ways doing the activity is the easiest part, especially if we can develop a strong mutually beneficial and supportive partnership. Our experience and research shows it is […]

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Good news for working out with a partner

May 30, 2010

Devotees of Partnerunning and other activities that involve working out with a partner will not be surprised to read the findings in the March/April issue of Psychology Today as the article confirms what we have already discovered. Highlights include: Couples who work out together resolve conflict faster and communicate better as the exercise boosts your […]

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