Go Further Together

Be Positive

June 19, 2011

Be Positive: Encourage others and maintain a can do attitude. We were in Calgary running the fourth leg of our eight marathons in eight countries in eight weeks and Andrew was suffering extreme pain in his right lower leg and shin, so much so that it was difficult to run and he was running with […]

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Choose collaboration

May 17, 2011

Choose collaboration: Embrace the brilliance and potential of true partnership. Running is traditionally seen as a lonely pursuit. At various times we hear that life, leadership and just about everything else is lonely or all about the individual yet we like to contrast this view with the old saying that a person is not an […]

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Going Further Together

May 14, 2011

Going further together is at the heart of one of the pillars of our blog: The Power of Partnership. Over the next few weeks we will  introduce seven key principles of going further together. We will also discuss a couple of related concepts which assist successful collaboration. In a previous post we suggested running is […]

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10 Lessons from the Road

March 23, 2011

Running is a wonderful metaphor for life, or is life a wonderful metaphor fro running? Either way we can learn alot from running and apply the lessons to everything else we do. In our book Go Further Together we outline 10 of our top lessons from running. Our overarching lesson from running together is that […]

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Lessons from the road – almost 50

September 28, 2010

2010 is a pretty exciting year for us and one of the highlights will be our 50th marathon together which we are preparing to run in Chicago on 10/10/10 (lots more on this in the next fortnight). One of the great benefits of running together has been the shared learning we have enjoyed and the […]

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