Follow the Plan

June 13, 2011

Follow The Plan: Develop strategy, prepare and act. Running long distances teaches you the value of planning, developing a strategy and after preparing to implement the strategy and take the necessary action. A common occurrence is the unprepared runner with no strategy who can be seen going through the “crash and burn” ritual in races […]

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To Do and Not To Do

June 5, 2011

To Do and Not To Do: Behaviour counts: Establish and use ground rules. Andrew was fortunate to be the first corporate CEO to work with Leadership and Team expert Ray Mclean best known for his work with the Sydney Swans Australian Rules Football Team and other elite sporting organisations. A key principle of successful teams […]

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Focus on Your Desired Future

May 21, 2011

Focus on Your Desired Future: Develop a shared vision worthy of your full commitment. There are many reasons why focusing on your desired future is essential for success. When we are clear about the future we want to create we focus on what is important, see opportunities, make meaningful choices and avoid wasting our effort […]

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Choose collaboration

May 17, 2011

Choose collaboration: Embrace the brilliance and potential of true partnership. Running is traditionally seen as a lonely pursuit. At various times we hear that life, leadership and just about everything else is lonely or all about the individual yet we like to contrast this view with the old saying that a person is not an […]

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Going Further Together

May 14, 2011

Going further together is at the heart of one of the pillars of our blog: The Power of Partnership. Over the next few weeks we will  introduce seven key principles of going further together. We will also discuss a couple of related concepts which assist successful collaboration. In a previous post we suggested running is […]

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Shared outcomes deliver

April 30, 2011

Shared outcomes deliver: Performance and productivity improves when people work on well understood and supported shared goals. Often we are told to identify and improve our weaknesses and we spend considerable time working on and trying to improve the things we are not so good at. ‘Not anymore,’ we say, as practitioners of shared vision […]

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