Follow the Plan

June 13, 2011

Follow The Plan: Develop strategy, prepare and act. Running long distances teaches you the value of planning, developing a strategy and after preparing to implement the strategy and take the necessary action. A common occurrence is the unprepared runner with no strategy who can be seen going through the “crash and burn” ritual in races […]

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Plan for Success

May 7, 2011

Plan to implement: Projects and business planning facilitate connection with a shared vision as well as assisting strategy implementation. Great leadership, effective communication and the ability to learn provide a solid platform for developing shared vision in an organisation however these skills alone are not enough. A range of tools and techniques are available to […]

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A New Year and A New Plan!

January 1, 2011

Now is the time to be planning your running and training year. Over the last few days so many runners we know have been outlining their racing and workout plans and goals for 2011. Whether you are a new or an experienced runner it is vital to have a plan or a blueprint for your […]

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