Shared Vision

Link Vision to Action

July 3, 2011

Link Vision To Action: Align and cascade vision, strategy, goals and action. One of our favourite quotes is “where there is no vision the people perish.” An example we often see is when people embark on a fitness program but soon fall by the wayside as they fail to connect their day to day action […]

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Greater than the parts

April 16, 2011

Greater than the parts: Individuals can see their own vision within a collective shared vision. An important aspect of shared vision is that each individual in the organisation (or relationship) can see where their personal vision fits. This applies equally to new and long serving members of the organisation and provides a constant reminder as […]

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Leading the process a critical leadership function.

April 9, 2011

Lead the process: Engaging people is an integral aspect of developing shared vision. People commit to what they create. The metaphor of the journey is often used by leaders to describe the development of vision with the desired future representing the destination in the distance and the strategies and actions taken being the day-to-day journey […]

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Challenge 2: The challenge of common goals

March 25, 2010

When thinking of exercising with a partner people often jump to the point where they believe they need to run, walk, cycle and so on at the same speed, the same level as their partner. In some partner exercise relationships that matters but in many it does not and it can be managed as it […]

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Conversation and exercising with a partner

February 23, 2010

Conversation skills facilitate shared vision and understanding as a foundation for exercising with a partner. Furthermore when running or exercising with others we can make use of the time to practice and improve our conversation skills so as to better use them with family friend and in our professional lives. Conversation modes have a major […]

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