Link Vision to Action

July 3, 2011

Link Vision To Action: Align and cascade vision, strategy, goals and action. One of our favourite quotes is “where there is no vision the people perish.” An example we often see is when people embark on a fitness program but soon fall by the wayside as they fail to connect their day to day action […]

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Focus on Your Desired Future

May 21, 2011

Focus on Your Desired Future: Develop a shared vision worthy of your full commitment. There are many reasons why focusing on your desired future is essential for success. When we are clear about the future we want to create we focus on what is important, see opportunities, make meaningful choices and avoid wasting our effort […]

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Vision, Milestones and Action

January 5, 2011

Connecting vision and action is one of the central Partnerunning principles. In this blog we provide some thoughts on the value of linking vision with goals and action. Most of us tend to focus on either vision or action however the best results come when you link and align what you need to do today […]

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